Rapeseed wax candles, scented with essential oils and botanical fragrances, hand poured and free of plastic or metal cups, with a hand thrown terracotta tealight holder. Sustainable, vegan and non toxic.

6 tealights in a pack, burn time for each tealight is approximately 6 hours.

Available in all five signature scents from The Very Good Candle Company.


Pilton: Combines soft sandlewood,  musky amber, earthy cedar, cinnamon, black pepper and a hint of raspberry.


Indio: Combines balsamic fir needle, earthy patchouli, tangy blood orange, bittersweet bergamot and smokey birchwood.


Naeba: Combines fresh Japanese lemon Yuzu, cool and clean tea tree, herbaceous sage and a touch of ylang ylang.


Stormur: Combines seaweed, oakmoss, fresh eucalyptus and a touch of orange.


Asagiri: Combines earthy Hinoki wood, herbal rosemary, ginger, rosewood, mandarin and fresh basil.

Scented Tea Lights and Terracotta Holder

  • Tea light candles scented with botanical fragrances and essential oils only. Includes hand thrown terracotta holder.

    Available in all five signature scents from The Very Good Candle Company.