This is the seldom seen and much prized variegated form of the ever popular cascading succulent 'String of Pearls' or Senecio Rowleyanus - the 'pearls' of which are actually modified leaves.

String of Pearls are native to South Africa where they creep along the ground. With correct conditions they can flower, their blooming period lasting up to a month. (The tiny white flowers have a scent like cinnamon.)

Avoid full sun and aim for bright but indirect light. Most importantly, String of Pearls are very sensitive to overwatering, so the best advice is to try to feel carefully down into the soil a couple of centimeters to test for moisture, and only to water if this portion of the soil feels dry. Otherwise you can get away with spraying the pearls lightly with an atomiser.

This plant grows fast and propagates easily. 

Variegated Senecio Rowleyanus: String of Pearls

  • Height 35cm

    Pot Size 14cm

    Please note plants may differ to the one pictured.