Native to the Tropical Rainforests of Peru and Ecuador (where it grows in the forests' moist, humid understory) this attractive foliage plant from the Acanthaceae family is also known as the Golden Vein plant, owing to prominent yellowish white leaf veins. 

As well as large, high contrasting leaves, Sanchezia Speciosa can produce striking tubular flowers with vivid red bracts.

This plant prefers warmth and high humidity and should be placed in medium to bright, indirect light, protected from direct sun. Keep the soil lightly moist throughout the growing season, but allow some drying of the soil surface through the Winter months.

Sanchezia Speciosa: Golden Vein Plant

  • Pot size: 19cm

    Height: 50cm

    Ceramic pot not included

    All plants will vary slightly from the one pictured.