Philodendron Mayoi is native to Brazil, where it grows both terrestially and hemiepiphytically. This rare Aroid has large, distinctive, deeply lobed palmate leaves with redish petioles and makes a striking and easy care addition to your plant collection. To display it at its best, give it something to climb. 

As is true for all Philodendrons, it's low light tolerant and prefers to be kept away from direct sun in medium to lower light conditions.

Water only when the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch.

* Please note, every plant is different. Some plants may come to us with small imperfections such as nicks or tears to leaves. Perfection is rare. However, please be assured that we only supply healthy plants and only post plants we would be happy to buy ourselves.


Philodendron Mayoi

  • Height 60cm

    Pot Size 26cm

    Every plant is unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured.

    Ceramic pot not included.