One of the lesser known Monstera varieties, Monstera Dubia has an unusual growth habit. It attaches vertically to the surface on which it grows (a tree trunk in the wild, a plank or moss pole in the home) and grows like a vine, its leaves lying so flat that they have the appearance of shingles.

Native to Central and South America, this plant undergoes a dramatic transformation in the wild. After 'shingling' all the way up to the the top of the forest canopy, the leaves hit the light and more than triple in size, with developed fenestrations similar to those commonly seen on Monstera Deliciosa (To which it is of course related)

Despite unique looks, it is no more difficult to care for than its well known relation. Give it a spot with bright, indirect light and water when the top two inches of soil have become dry to the touch.

Monstera Dubia: The Shingle Plant

  • Height 40cm

    Pot Size 21cm

    Every plant is unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured.

    Ceramic pot not included.