Lepismium Cruciforme grow long fleshy stems dotted with white 'fuzzy' spines and turn a blush pink in strong light.

These epiphytic cacti are native to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay where they receieve light filtered through the leaves and branches of other trees and vines, so bear in mind that your Lepismium desires similar light levels in your home - bright but indirect light , avoiding full sun, which can damage the leaves. (Somewhere set back from a South or East facing window say.) With optimum conditions these trailing plants can flower; flowers can be cream, white, yellow or pink and are a centimeter long.

This forest cactus will appreciate regular watering with tepid water, especially when in flower, but allow some drying of the soil between waterings to avoid permanently wet soil. 

Easy care and non toxic.

Lepismium Cruciforme

  • Length 100cm +

    Pot Size 30cm

    Every plant is unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured.