The Ficus Maclellandii Alii is a relatively new cultivar of the Sabre Fig, with multiple long, narrow, lance shaped leaves. Sometimes known as the Banana Leafed Fig, it's considered easier to care for than others in the Fig family as it's less prone to leaf drop due to imperfect conditions.

Plenty of bright, indirect light should keep this Ficus happy, positioned in a spot with a near constant temperature, away from sources of heat or cold drafts. Only water when the top 1-2 inches of soil feels dry, a Ficus hates to have constantly wet soil, and never allow any standing water at the bottom of the pot.

Ficus Maclellandii Alii: Sabre Fig

  • Pot size: 21cm

    Height: 90cm

    Ceramic pot not included

    All plants wil differ slightly to the one pictured.