This rare cultivar has been absent from the plant market for some time

(The Plant Den last sourced Ficus Elastica Moonshine some two and a half years back!) so after this looong wait, we're happy this pretty and seldom seen Ficus is finally available once more.

Foliage is a very light, creamy green with sporadic darker green splotches and splashes. Leaves have a slightly pinkish sheen and light pink midribs.

Ficus prefer a constant temperature, away from drafts and heat sources, and do best in medium to bright indirect light.

Use the 'soak and dry' method to water a Ficus, watering the soil well before allowing it to become extremely dry. 

Ficus Elastica Shivereana: Ficus Elastica Moonshine

  • Height 32cm

    Pot Size 16cm

    Every plant is unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured.

    Ceramic pot not included.