Dracaena are known for being tough, resilient, easy-care plants that are tolerant of drought, light shade and cooler temperatures.

Originating from Tropical Africa, and members of the Asparagaceae family, their leaves are broadly laneolate with a lightly toothed margin and are attractively striped with central, bright yellow bands.

For best growth, place in medium to bright indirect light. (Although light shade will be tolerated) and water only once the top inch of soil has completely dried. This plant is excellent at filtering airbourne toxins. 

Tip: Elongated 'leggy' plants indicate insufficient light.

Easy care.


Dracaena Fragrans Burley

  • Pot size: 17cm

    Height: 70cm

    Ceramic pot not included.

    Please note, all plants will vary slightly from the one picured.