This brand new hybrid, only recently known to the houseplant market has the same distinctive large, heart shaped leaves as the ever popular Alocasia Zebrina but with entirely black stems, making it a rare and striking houseplant. 

Found in Tropical and Sub Tropical forests, Alocasia Zebrina prefer warmth and high humidity. Never be tempted to place in direct sun, they are used to receiving their light filtered through the leaves and branches of other trees, so within your home bright, indirect light is best. Alocasia prefer warmth and high humidity and you should aim to keep the soil lightly moist but never waterlogged at all times.

Feed regularly throughout the growing season.

Black Alocasia Zebrina

  • Height 70cm

    Pot Size 17cm

    Every plant is unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured.

    Ceramic pot not included.