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You're going on holiday! But what to do with your plants?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The World's first Plant Hotel.

Some of you may have heard about a London company launching the World's first 'Plant Hotel', offering such luxuries as plant specific climate control, with careful watering and fertilising services.


While this may sound outlandish, many of us put considerable time and care into our indoor gardens and naturally feel a little anxious leaving them to their own devices, especially in the middle of a hot summer. So here are a few ways to keep your plants happy until you get home:

If you have a plant-savvy friend, the obvious and best solution is to trade a bit of reciprocal plant care; they step in and plant-sit a couple of times a week in exchange for the same when it's their time to go away. But what if your friend doesn't know their Aloe from their Aglaonema?!

If you'll only be gone for a week, chances are you can give them a good, final drink just before you leave and then move them out of range of sunny windows or hot rooms. Group them together, ideally in a North facing room or better yet, a bathroom, where after watering them deeply you can place them on wet towels in the bottom of the bath. (The moisture slowly evaporating from the towels creates a humid environment that the plants will love.)

For very large plants that you might not wish to move, you can set up a wicking system, with a large container of water and some absorbent wicking material. (Cotton shoelaces, natural fibre rope, even strips of a cotton t-shirt) Place the end of your wick at the very bottom of your water-filled container (weighted, ideally) and poke the other end a few inches deep into the plant's soil. Several plants can be 'watered' together in this way, with the bonus that the plant takes just what it needs and no more.

You can buy purpose made glass watering globes from most garden centres, but for a thrifty alternative you can fill a plastic drinks bottle with water, and using your thumb to block the mouth when upending it, push it a few inches into the soil next to your plant. Not as pretty as the shop bought solution, but just as effective.

Happy travels!

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