Love at first sight: Alocasia cucullata

If you're looking to fill a space in your home, add some zen to your living room or perhaps create a backdrop for your indoor garden, then let me introduce you to the Alocasia cucullata.

Also known as the 'Spear Queen', 'Buddhas Hand' & 'Hooded Elephant Ear'

When I first saw this plant last week I immediately fell in love. With petioles reaching over a meter tall & heart shaped leaves in a deep Monstera green, this low maintenance aroid really makes a statement.

Cucullata will tolerate bright light but shade is preferred. They need to stay moist without being wet so be sure to use a free draining soil to prevent saturation. A regular feed high in nitrogen during the summer months is recommended, or use a slow release fertiliser mixed into the soil & replenish each spring.

Keep in a room where the temperature is unlikely to drop below 12 degrees.

Seldom does the plant flower, comprising of a yellow spadix wrapped in a blueish-green spathe.

Grown widely across Asia & deemed lucky in Thailand, for it's leaves are thought to look like the Buddha's hand wishing them good luck & fortune as they blow in the wind.

This beautiful lush Alocasia is a perfect addition to the modern home. Whether you’re a dedicated plant parent or you just want to create a tranquil space, you won’t be disappointed.

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