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Let's start a tree growing revolution!

Trees - all plants in fact- use carbon dioxide, water and the sun's energy to photosynthesize. They're the planet's most effective natural carbon dioxide capture devices, with many experts citing reforestation as the best climate change solution available today.

Following the edict that we should grow and plant more trees, this post wants to introduce you to an award winning design company and their product: the acorn vase.

The narrow neck of the borosilicate vase holds an acorn perfectly, just above the waterline, and the spherical glass bowl beneath allows you to watch the roots spread and grow as your oakling develops.

The best time to hunt for acorns is September to November, as the fresher they are from the tree the better. Green acorns won't sprout, so look out for brown ones and make sure that they haven't started to rot in the leaf litter. Once you've gathered your acorn crop, a handy way to check if they're viable is to put them in water for a few minutes. Healthy acorns sink, so discard the ones that float. Then follow these steps for germination:

Wrap the acorn loosely in wet paper towel and place inside a freezer bag, put it in the fridge and be patient. If you're lucky, you'll have a sprout within 2 - 3 months. Once sprouted, you can place in your acorn vase and watch it grow! Oakings can live happily in the vase for up to a year, at the end of that time it will need to be put into soil and planted outside, and your acorn vase is ready to be used again.

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