Jungle Feels - Monstera adansonii

One of my absolute favourite houseplants, this common species of Monstera makes an attractive statement in the home, without taking up a lot of space! Vines that aren't fussy about whether they climb or trail, with delicate heart shaped leaves full of fenestration... this is one seriously underrated houseplant in my opinion.

Also known as 'Swiss Cheese Vine' & 'Monkey Mask'

As with any new plant, do a little research on it's natural habitat in an attempt to meet its requirements. In the wild, Monstera adansonii thrive under the humid canopies of the South & Central American Jungles, attaching themselves to tree trunks with their aerial roots. This already tells us a few things in terms of care... keep warm, (no less than 12℃) in bright, indirect light and keep the soil moist. Do not worry yourself over the level of humidity you have to offer, light & temperature always take priority. Direct sunlight can only be tolerated in the early morning. Full shade is a no-no, I've experimented growing an adansonii in low light and I can assure you it was not living it's best life. Use a peat based soil and feed in the summer months (I always recommend using a slow release fertiliser). I've already mentioned these are happy to trail, but they LOVE to climb. Vines left to trail will not reach their full potential in terms of size. Offer a moss pole or train against a wall for larger leaves of 20 - 40cm.

Lastly, the Monstera adansonii is often confused with the extremely rare Monstera 'obliqua'. These are two different species. The adansonii leaves have more leaf then fenestration with a thicker texture, whereas obliqua leaves are skeletal, with more fenestration than leaf. True Monstera obliqua's have only been recorded a handful of times in the wild and it's highly unlikely you own one unless it came with a 4 figure price tag!!

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