Add it to your wish list: Alocasia Pink Dragon

Enquire at The Plant Den for your own Pink Dragon!!

The newest addition to my collection, this stunning aroid from The Plant Den would add a timeless colour combination to any home. It's pink petioles make this a must have, and in the right conditions, can reach over a meter tall. The glossy leaves growing up to 50cm in diameter are often compared to the popular Alocasia Polly because of their prominent veins & elongated leaf, but up close you'll find they're actually much softer & rounded.

This Alocasia prefers full to partial shade, so finding a suitable position in the home won't be difficult. Mine is in partial shade where I can appreciate it's beautiful colours, whereas the leaves appear much darker in full shade. Keep the soil moist, avoiding saturation by watering only when the top few inches of soil are dry. Aroids are very sensitive to overwatering so be mindful you'll need to water less in the winter months.

The diversity in Alocasia never ceases to amaze me, with so much variation in species, and the rare Pink Dragon does not disappoint. Add it to your wish list today!!

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