Terrarium Masterclass

We are hosting our first workshop of 2020 in our new home at  Studio 91 on Upper St Giles street.

Come and join us on Sunday the 15th of March at 11am, where you'll be shown everything you need to build and maintain your very own terrarium. Glassware, substrates, plants and moss provided, as well as tea and coffee.

Workshop tickets are £55 per person and we have 8 places available.

Our first workshop was hosted by the Botanical Boys who are specialist terrarium makers based in London. We invited them up to Norwich to host our first ever event which coincided with the launch of our new shop.

The evening kicked off with a lesson about the history behind terrariums and the types of plants used. We provided Champagne for our guests and coffee and pastries were provided by Breadsource where the event was held.

A fantastic evening was had by all and we can't wait for our next event.